Detur Sports

Detur Sports is a company specialized in training camps, sports tourism and event management.

The most important starting point of your preparatory camp is your overseas flights. Your local DETUR branch will coordinate your travel from February to November with arranged direct flights to Antalya from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Our scheduled chartered destinations are listed below.
Finland: Helsinki, Oulu, Kuopio, Vaasa, Jyväskylä, Joensuu.
Denmark: Copenhagen, Aalborg, Billund.
Sweden: Stockholm, Goteborg.
Norway: Oslo

In addition to your travel organization, your local DETUR branch based in Scandinavia and the incoming DETUR branch based in Antalya will cooperate to provide you the best camping experience. In other words, we will be with you and be fully responsible of your entire camp organization from the very first moment of your departure from Scandinavia to your flight back home after completing your camp.


Why Antalya

Thousands of teams from various sports including football, baseball, swimming, beach volley and many more from diverse age groups and all levels including professional, semi-professional and amateur teams, arrange training camps from all over Europe to the Mediterranean province, especially Antalya, during the winter season.

The reason why teams prefer Antalya is because of its perfect climate conditions for training and advanced quality services with professional level facilities offered for season preparations.